Ag Projects

The agriculture division of Bruce Martin Construction ranges from on-the-farm grain storage, handling and conditioning to commercial grain elevator storage, drying, handling and conditioning. Their agriculture construction division is based in southeast Missouri, and serves a nine-state region in the Midwest/Midsouth.

As a representative of GSI, Bruce Martin Construction can build top-of-the-line commercial grain systems that offer unsurpassed quality and easy-to-use features. Built for strength and reliability,GSI offers more models and choices - from 15 feet in diameter to a 105-foot diameter storage bin with a maximum storage capacity of 680,000 bushels.

Bruce Martin Construction has built several 105 foot diameter tanks. It was also the first construction company in the world to build the largest corrugated hopper bins holding 58,000 bushels, each designed for one single barge load. The past 10 years have seen the company working mostly on river terminals and rail terminals handling from 20,000 bushels per hour to 40,000 bushels per hour consisting of legs, drags and enclosed conveyors.

Agri-business products in stock at Bruce Martin Construction's headquarters in Portageville, Missouri, include Mayrath & Westfield grain augers and hoppers, and dryer controllers. You'll also find a good selection of parts and accessories for your farm equipment and a helpful and experienced staff. Bruce Martin Construction is the most experienced builder of agricultural buildings and storage in the Midwest and Midsouth. Their commitment to schedule, quality workmanship and budget has made this company an industry leader.

For more information about their products and services, contact them online or by telephone at 573-379-5776.

Commercial Bins

A world leader in steel corrugated storage bin manufacturing, GSI offers the strongest and heaviest gauge storage tanks in the industry with capacities up to 1.1 million bushels. Our tank sidewall is roll-formed at the GSI plant using 8 gauge, and now 5 and 6 gauge, prime high tensile steel up to 70,000 PSI (483 MPa). The heavier 5 gauge sidewall allows us to provide taller tanks with our advanced design, compared to other manufacturers who provide 8 gauge as their maximum thickness.

  • 8 Gauge vs. 5 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • 70,000 PSI High-Strength Stiffener Columns
  • Easy Access Sidewall Door
  • Zinc Plated Bolts
  • Solid "Wide Flange" Roof Support
  • Heavy Roof Peak “Flat Top”
  • High Tensile/Fully Overlapping Roof Panels
  • Roof Support Ring
  • Roof Vents for Increased Efficiency
  • Safety Cages and Platforms
  • Custom Floor Designs

Commercial Hopper Tanks

Designed for today’s modern grain producers and distributors, GSI’s commercial hopper tanks provide years of reliable service with convenient features and benefits you won’t find with other grain storage systems. Whether you’re looking for wet or dry grain holding, overhead unloading systems, blending bins, or long term grain storage, GSI can supply just the right tank to handle the job.

  • Solid Support from the Ground Up
  • 2.66" or 4.00" Corrugated Sidewall
  • Ladders, Platforms and Ladder Cages
  • Strong Sidewall Stiffeners
  • Heavy Wind Rings
  • Easy Access Door
  • Optimum Ventilation
  • Overlapping Roof Panels
  • High Performance Aeration Systems
  • Optional Roller Valve

Bucket Elevators & Conveyors

Bucket Elevators

GSI’s bucket elevators are engineered to perform and built tough to provide years of reliable service. Whether your business is industrial or agricultural, whether your requirements are for receiving or unloading, pre-processing or post processing, count on GSI for your material handling needs.

Our line of bucket elevators are highly corrosion resistant and made with either a galvanized finish or a powder coat finish for lasting durability and superior appearance.


GSI conveyors are designed for strength and superior performance to maximize operation run time and minimize the length of delivery time. Conveyors feature a heavy-duty design and innovative features to maximize performance, simplify maintenance and increase product life.

  • En-Masse Conveyor
  • Enclosed Belt Conveyor
  • Hi-Flight Conveyors

Bin & Unloading Systems

GSI is revolutionizing the commercial sweep industry with it's Portable Control Panel and Knock Down Sweep.

Solid, heavy-duty construction, engineered for efficiency and designed to handle a variety of grains large and small. GSI's Series II commercial sweeps provide reliable, year round operation with little maintenance and minimal chance for product contamination.

Combined with the NEMA 4 control panel, a more simple to operate sweep will can not be found in the market, for your commercial grain delivery needs. Control features include a reversing switch, safety foot switch, and manual or automatic operation.

Grain Bin Photos